About us

Company facts

  • Kamamuta was FOUNDED IN JUNE 2020
  • Experienced team in gamedevelopment, gamebased learning, entrepreneurship and personal development/leadership development practises
  • Capital summery; raised ca 4mill NOK, several thousand of hours invested + lifelong experience
  • In process with grants


  • Traditional classroom teaching methods may not fully resonate with millennials, who are accustomed to digital and interactive forms of communication and learning.
  • Lack of gaming elements in personal development programs – Incorporating adventure gaming elements into self-growth programs can enhance engagement and retention among millennials, who often seek interactive and immersive learning experiences.
  • A need for a dynamic and immersive learning experience – By leveraging adventure gaming mechanics, such as narrative-driven quests, skill-building challenges, and rewards systems, self-growth programs can provide a more dynamic and personalized learning experience.
  • Integrating elements of storytelling and role-playing into leadership and performance programs can help participants develop empathy, communication skills, and strategic thinking in a simulated but engaging environment.
  • Gamification of personal development programs can address the needs of millennials who value experiential learning and instant feedback over passive instruction.

Our solution

  • By aligning self-growth programs with gamebased learning with the preferences and expectations of millennial employees, organizations can foster a culture of continuous learning and development that enhances employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Offering adventure gaming experiences as part of leadership and performance programs can also serve as a valuable recruitment and retention tool for companies seeking to attract and retain millennial talent.
  • The incorporation of entertainment elements into e-learning platforms can increase user engagement and motivation, leading to better outcomes and ROI for corporate training initiatives.
  • By moving away from outdated game formats and embracing innovative approaches to gamification and experiential learning, organizations can better meet the evolving needs of millennial employees and drive positive business results.

Society benefits

  • Sustainable games for self-growth and character development offer dynamic learning experiences that emphasize ethics, empathy, and resilience.
  • Innovative platform with integrated gaming formats, catering to diverse learning styles and fostering engagement.
  • Games promote impactful values like female entrepreneurship and gender equality, nurturing leadership skills for social change.
  • Players master skills, undergo personality assessments, and explore ancient wisdom, enriching their understanding of life.
  • Simulated real-life scenarios allow players to apply problem-solving and emotional intelligence skills.
  • Experiential learning from games transfers directly to real-life contexts, empowering players in personal and professional settings.