About us

Company facts

  • Kamamuta was FOUNDED IN JUNE 2020
  • Experienced team in Game Development, Leadership Pevelopment, Entrepreneurship and Concept Arts.
  • In process with grants and funding

What makes the Soulprint Journey unique?

  1. Classical literature: The game draws inspiration from works such as Draumkvedet, Dante’s Inferno and the Odyssey, and gives players an intellectual experience by exploring the most famous works of world literature anew.
  2. Narrative gameplay: Narrative focus provides a meaningful, emotional experience, and strong ties to characters and story.
  3. Challenging: The game requires creativity, patience and complex problem-solving skills, challenging players intellectually.
  4. Original design: Visually appealing, original design enhances the game’s atmosphere and authenticity.
  5. Personality assessment with statistics: The game uses tests and analysis to reflect the player’s decisions and provides unique insight and depth to the game experience
  6. Personal development: The game integrates positive psychology and self-development and appeals to those who want deep insights and personal growth.

A rare combination that appeals to different players and stands out in both the gaming and personal development markets.

Society benefits

  • Increased self-awareness which is crucial for managing mental health
  • Interactive gaming experience for learning coping strategies, problem solving and stress management.
  • Storytelling and narratives in games that normalize conversations about mental health, inequalities and diversity.
  • Immersive Adventure games that are supporting UN´s sustainability goals about mental health, quality education, and reduced inequality.
  • Gaming experiences that engage for more learning, personal and team development.