In development

Inspired by the Norwegian cultural heritage, this game concept takes you into the underworld “Rimriki”, populated by unique and witty characters. The mission is to restore harmony and defeat the guardian. The experience is intended to give the player insight into what drives people in Rimriki – namely fear, as well as create a deeper understanding of the consequences of fear and the importance of courage; personal and societal.

A demo of one of the worlds “Gluttony” – early stage with codename Sprout.

The story

In the game series Soulprint ( in total of 9 episodes ), you follow the story of Quill as he embarks on a perilous  journey of self-discovery and growth that will decide the fate of the nine realms. Battle your fears, discover your potential, and solve puzzles with the power of light as you explore the realm of “Rimriki”  in the first episode of Soulprint.